Yoga Retreats And Classes

We have a large roof top yoga shala which can accommodate up to 20 people at a time, it's an ideal place to practise yoga, surrounded by lush green vegetation and the sounds of birds in the background.

Drop in classes
We offer daily morning and evening classes, with a native teacher of Kerala who teaches Sivananda style yoga. He has been teaching for over 10 years and offers classes from August through to March.

Yoga Retreats
We organize a number of retreats througout the year, either with our resident teacher or with the group's own teacher. If you are a yoga teacher and interested in hosting a retreat with us please CONTACT US. To view a list of upcoming retreats and workshops, please click on the link below.

We offer retreat programmes for individuales and/or groups at very competitive prices in a natural and tranquil enviorment. Please get in touch for full details and prices.

How yoga is important in life?

Yoga is a way of living a harmonious life. A happy and healthy body requires a peaceful and joyous mind. An excellent way to control the balance of spiritual, mental as well as physical aspects together. Yoga creates an environment which binds all these aspects together to live a healthy and happy life. Kerala konnection Yoga Classess helps to form a huge amount of energy making you into a better person. Yoga Center varkala helps in confidence building and immunity improvement technique which helps in making better decision making. The best way to eradicate stress and tension is by doing yoga as it helps to ease the pressure and improve your lifestyle.

Can we heal diseases through yoga?

Of Course it aids in healing many diseases, the best yoga retreat in Varkala Kerala. A major energy booster which promotes and builds a healthy body free from diseases. A posture and physical strength improvement along with the power to control and coordinate the mind. The various postures and breathing techniques collaboratively support the best way to improve your well being and make you disease free. A positive aura is created by practising Private yoga classes in varkala which builds more energy and enhances one's mind,body and the spirit.Yoga is the best remedy for many of the diseases.

Yoga Retreat

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