Ayurveda is the science of life; it’s the traditional medicine and the natural healing system of India. Its one of the oldest traditional medicines which treats individually the body, mind and spirit. It’s related to the profound yogi vision of life and conscience. Due to its antiquity it’s believed to be an original healing system, from which modern medicine was derived.

Ayurveda treats exclusively the physical body, and also includes physiology and spirituality. Ayurveda parts from the belief that everything that is present in the macro cosmos is also present it each individual’s body in a miniature format.

In Casa Eva Luna Ayuryoga Retreat we offer our guests a selection of treatments, massages and ayurvedic programmes. We also offer the chance to study and learn ayurveda techniques with professionals from Kerala. We offer from a basic tuition workshop to master’s level. To see our list of treatments, programmes and workshops please click on the link below or contact us via email on at info@keralakonnections.com or keralakonnections@gmail.com or by phone or Whatsapp on 0091 9946 069770.



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Ayurvedic treatment is an important healing process practised over decades. Ayurveda treatment in Varkala gives the most nurturing techniques to change your personality by improving your health and giving a better quality of life.

Ayurveda helps in strengthening the muscles and improving the immunity. A stress relief and mind balancing method to enhance the quality of your life with multiple ayurvedic treatment facilities availability. An efficient approach of creating and maintaining a healthy weight, stress free mind, improve the quality of sleep and lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and other ailments.

Casa Eva Luna in Varkala, Kerala Provide Ayurveda treatments, A well oriented medical procedure including various types of abhyanga that is the massages to relax yourself, the different kind kizhi method which contain hot oil and herbal ingredients is placed and massaged to detox and improve circulation thereby reducing unwanted fat,nasyam a method to reduce sinus and nerve relaxation is also practiced here. Another speciality is that we give the best panchakarma treatment,a powerful five action rejuvenation technique which is the fastest and the most popular positive transformation ayurvedic treatment. It is a consolidated combination of immunity improvement, detoxification, mental strength enhancing and energy boosting in order to gain stability and a better way of life.

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