Katrina & Esther

Katrina and Esther, we met in 2004 and were in contact until 2007 which was when we decided to embark on our adventure. Both of us had the same dream, Katrina moved to Kerala, found a house and established an Indian company in order to commence our journey.

Katrina, born to an English mother and Spanish father, with a long career in the tourism and hotel sector, and is also fluent in both languages. She always dreamt of helping the underprivileged.

Esther, from Catalonia, born in Barcelona, ​​​​teacher by profession, also dreamt from childhood of living in India. A creative person, adaptable, generous, and a fabulous chef, she moved to Kerala in 2008.

The project

This is how the “Casa Eva Luna” project commenced, creating a small resort, as well as helping the underprivileged amongst the local community. India is a country that both of us had visited in the past on several occasions, and it was love at first sight.

We rented a house, that still currently forms part of the resort, and later on added another building at the back of the garden. The “Casa Eva Luna” project had begun to take shape, with the help of strong and caring women who were also seeking a future for themselves and their families.

After the initial uncertainties, endless bureaucracy and the fight to fulfill our project, we made our dream come true, and have been running strong for the past 15 years. Our motivations and desire to succeed has made us part of the local community, even though we started off with very little financial support. This way we also provide an income for the local shopkeepers and workers, such as taxi drivers, Ayurveda team, yoga teachers, rickshaw drivers, gardeners, painters, etc.